Do you have a talented team, but they’re just not achieving the results you want?

Are Your Leaders committed, but failing to inspire and motivate as you’d like?

And do you just KNOW you’re not FULLY realising the potential in your business?

You Need Team Alignment!

Whether your business is moving forwards or backwards (and it’ll be one or the other – businesses may stall, but they never stagnate!), you will have challenges, and as unique as those challenges are to you and your business, one thing is consistent:

They all involve people!

All successful businesses recognise that their success comes through and as a result of their people which is why successful businesses have a growth strategy that has an emphasis on Leadership and Team Alignment.

As a business owner your business is as good as the people you have working within it, so if your business is not where you want it to be, then then it’s the people aspect that needs addressing!

Leaders and teams who are fully engaged with the business VISION and CULTURE, and each other will ultimately deliver the results you want and that’s where THE TEAM ALIGNMENT METHOD comes in.

Applying THE TEAM ALIGNMENT METHOD in your business will enable you to take your team from a group of people who simply coordinate their individual efforts, to a collective force on a mission who work collaboratively to actively drive your business forward through choice.


THE TEAM ALIGNMENT METHOD is summarised here:

STEP ONE:  Design The Vision “Where we are going”

One of the key characteristics of an ALIGNED Team is that they work collaboratively towards a shared vision.

A vision includes both the WHAT is to be achieved and the WHY it is to be achieved and because it leverage’s both key motivators, it provides an essential destination to which the team can move towards together.  Without a shared vision, creating an ALIGNED Team is not possible, because the vision is the glue that binds the individuals in the team together.

STEP TWO:  Create The Culture “How we behave”

Whilst the Vision provides the direction, it is the Culture that provides the conditions to enable the team to achieve it.  Culture is often difficult to define because it is not tangible, but culture is entirely visible through its manifestation in the work environment: in the behaviour of the people in the team.

Culture literally translates to “How we behave around here” and the more explicit the team is about the culture that best supports the vision, the more likely they are to adopt consistent behaviour that also supports it.

STEP THREE:  Establish The Goals “What we are aiming for”

Whilst the Vision provides direction and the Culture provides the conditions to enable the team to achieve it, it is the team’s Goals that drive their daily, weekly and monthly activities to ensure that they move incrementally and consistently towards it.

The vision is the destination and the goals break the vision down into incremental milestones which brings the vision closer to the current reality, providing achievable targets to aspire to and reach along the way.

STEP FOUR:  Define The Roles “How we fit in”

One of the most noticeable characteristics of an ALIGNED Team is that each individual within it is completely clear about the role they play in achieving the common Goals and reaching the shared Vision and as a result they have a high level of accountability.

However, accountability only works when there is complete clarity of responsibility and expectations and this is why defining the individual roles within the team, complete with where responsibility lies for specific tasks and who is accountable for certain outcomes, is absolutely essential.

“We have doubled our turnover in two consecutive years.  Tamsen’s process is challenging, illuminating, provocative and an undeniable prescription for breakthrough performance”.

Trevor Maponders

CEO, Nurseline Healthcare

“Everyone in the business agrees that when Tamsen comes along things get done.  Each session has resulted in a leap forward and the size and profitability of my business has doubled”

Karen Dunne Squire

Managing Director, Elation Sales

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