Everything we do is with enabling businesses and business people to be the best they can be.

To do this, we apply the alpha principles:


Alpha is the first letter of the
Greek Alphabet.

But alpha is not necessarily about being the first.  It’s about the beginning and specifically about beginning with the end in mind.

Essentially, everything that has ever been created was created twice:  the first creation was in someone mind.

This principle is about getting clear about the outcome you want to achieve.  In other words, deciding how you want your life and/or business to be.  And, then creating a visual image in your mind that represents that outcome, so that the part of your mind that is responsible for driving what you do and say has a specific and clearly defined destination and therefore drives you activity so that you move towards it.


Alpha is the leader of
the pack 

You often hear of the ‘alpha male’ or female, both in reference to dogs and people. 

They are often described as being self-assured, outgoing and enterprising which can make them strong leaders.

But alpha is not just about leading others. Alpha is about self-leadership, which is the commitment and the capacity to take responsibility for your own outcomes.

This means accepting that whatever you want to achieve in life – it’s down to you and resisting the temptation of shifting responsibility for your desired outcomes onto other people or circumstances.


Alpha is the brightest star in
the constellation 

When you look up into the sky at night, the star that shines the brightest is the alpha star.

But alpha is not necessarily about being the best in relation to anyone else:  it’s about being the best you can be.

It’s about realising potential:  in yourself and in the things and people that you value most.

This means getting clear about what you want, doing what energises you and surrounding yourself with people who challenge and support you.

It also means planning for success, removing obstacles and proactively seeking to consistently grow.

The alpha principles are central to the work we do to develop businesses and the people that work within them.

One to one support
from someone who’s been there

Peer to peer support from a group of smart, trusted peers.

Facilitated team growth and leadership development