Being the best you can be

Everything we do has enabling businesses, and the people who work within them, to be the very best they can be, at it’s core.

To do this, we apply the three Alpha Principles



Alpha is the FIRST letter of the Greek Alphabet.



Alpha is the LEADER
of the pack 



Alpha is the BRIGHTEST star in the constellation 

 But alpha is not necessarily about being the first.  It’s about the beginning and specifically about beginning with the end in mind.

Essentially, everything that has ever been created was created twice:  the first creation was in someone mind.

This principle is about getting clear about the outcome we want to achieve.  In other words, deciding how we want things to be in the future and creating a visual image in our mind that represents that outcome, so that the part of our mind that is responsible for driving what we do and say has a specific and clearly defined destination and therefore drives our activity so that we move towards it.

If we don’t know where
we’re heading and why,
we’re unlikely to get there.

You often hear people refer to the ‘alpha male’ or ‘alpha female’, both when describing animals and human beings.

They are often described as being self-assured and enterprising which can make them strong leaders.

But alpha is not just about leading others. Alpha is also about self-leadership, which is the commitment and the capacity to take responsibility for our own outcomes.  This means accepting that whatever we want to
achieve, it’s down to us!  It also means resisting the temptation to shift responsibility for those outcomes onto other people or circumstances.

How we lead ourselves
informs how we inspire
and influence others. 

When you look up into the sky at night, the star that appears to be shining the brightest is referred to as The Alpha Star.

But alpha is not about being the best in relation to anyone else:  it’s about being the best we can be.

It’s about realising potential:  in ourself and in the things and people that we value most, including our business.  This means getting clear about what we want and why, planning for success and consciously removing obstacles.  It also means doing more of what what energises us and proactively seeking to consistently grow by surrounding ourself with people who challenge and support us.

We’ll never reach our full
potential if we don’t
consciously reach out for it.


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If your leaders could be more INFLUENTIAL.  If your team could be more IMPACTFUL.  If your sales and profits could be IMPROVED,


Learning more about the Alpha Approach is the first step and for many, in the world of business,
it has been proven to be a step that made a significant difference.