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Whilst I am based in Bristol in the West Country, I work with businesses all over the country.

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Why bother with company values?

As people, our values are our deepest driving force.  They govern our lives in every way: what we...

How To Cultivate a Culture of Teamwork

If you read my previous blog Why Cultivate a Culture of Teamwork?, you'll understand the benefits...

Why Cultivate a Culture of Teamwork?

Businesses are much more likely to create desired results when their people work effectively as a...

Is your Company Culture by design or by accident?

Take a look at the modern business world around you and you’ll find that: -Customers and clients...

If your leaders could be more INFLUENTIAL.  If your team could be more IMPACTFUL.  If your sales and profits could be IMPROVED,


Learning more about the Alpha Approach is the first step and for many, in the world of business,
it has been proven to be a step that made a significant difference.