What our happy clients have to say

We’ve doubled our turnover in two consecutive years.

Tamsen delivers a myriad of custom programmes designed to maximise levels of engagement with every client, regardless of size and scope.

Her process is challenging, illuminating, provocative and an undeniable prescription for breakthrough performance.

Two years on and Tamsen has become a trusted colleague within our business and I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough”.


Trevor Mapondera

CEO, Nurseline Healthcare

She is the REAL DEAL and a joy to work with!

I initially read Tamsen’s book on holiday and since then I have been inspired, cajoled, motivated, supported, driven, helped, directed, picked up, dusted off and pointed in the right direction again by the truly amazing Tamsen. Her value is incredible.

I recognise that my time with Tamsen has played a key role in my future and that of my business but on a personal level she is a mentor that I hugely rate and respect when I have met many that I would not give credit to!


Annabelle Webster

MD, South East Timber and Damp

Each session with Tamsen has resulted in a leap forward!

Everyone in the business agrees that when Tamsen comes along things get done.

The size and profitability of my business has doubled since working with Tamsen and she is a part of our long term plans.

If being the best you can possibly be is important to you – ring Tamsen!


Karen Dunne Squire

MD, Elation Sales

We look forward to working with her in the future.

Having worked with Tamsen before, we were aware of her in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of a growing business and her ability to develop infrastructures to enable them to grow.

Tamsen helped us to define our Vision for the business, create the business strategy, and document our workflow to enable us to grow.


Chas Jordan

MD, Fair Contracts Uk Ltd

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