Have you ever wondered why some people appear to create success in their business with EASE whilst others appear destined to STRUGGLE?

Are you tired of wasting your time and money on things that don’t lead to results?

And would you like to know how to create more success WITHOUT more effort?

The answer lies in ‘ATTRACTION’

Attraction is already working for you whether you’re aware of it or not.  You are already attracting the people, circumstances and outcomes in your business through your activity, be it your INTERNAL activity (your desires, beliefs thoughts & feelings), or your EXTERNAL activity (your language, behaviour & actions).  The question is:  Are you attracting the things you WANT?

THE ACT OF ATTRACTION is a holistic and practical approach to creating the business you want.  It’s holistic because it encompasses all aspects of our activity and it’s practical because it leads you through a process to enable you to combine practical business tactics, with a deeper understanding of how our minds work to achieve the success you want.

It explores all 4 elements that make up our activity: VISION> MINDSET> BEHAVIOUR> PLAN and it shows us how aligning those four elements so that they work together, creates the essential TRACTION we need to move our business forward There are two ways of working with this process:

The AA Site - THE BOOK ImageThe landmark Book THE ACT OF ATTRACTION IN BUSINESS provides both the insight and the knowledge as well as eight worksheets to enable you to implement the content yourself with ease.

The worksheets can also be downloaded from THE ACT OF ATTRACTION website so that you can keep your copy of the book pristine!

The AA Site - THE ONLINE PROGRAMME ImageThe Online Programme TWELVE STEPS TO TRACTION provides the same material but in the form of video content, backed up by twelve worksheets.

There is also a monthly group call with Tamsen herself and access to the highly supportive community group on Facebook.

Tamsen Says“Learning and consciously applying THE ACT OF ATTRACTION in your business will enable you to deliberately attract the things you want, and build the business you truly desire, because when you align what’s going on in your head with what you are actually doing – that’s when you create extraordinary results!”

“This book is the HOLY GRAIL of business books!”

If you learn and apply these principles in your business you literally can’t help but succeed. After just completing worksheet 3 of 8, I had a new found love and enthusiasm for what I was doing, clients literally calling me every day, opportunities with several people I would have only dreamed of working with a few months before, and my things took off in my business in a way that I never thought possible!

Yvette Taylor

Owner and Creator, Yvette Taylor - EAM